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Epicenter of Tranquility, Kerala Is Totally Safe To Plan a Vacation

A few months ago, the charmingly romantic destination - Kerala witnessed one of the worst natural failures in records due to the havoc of nature. In July of 2018 in Kerala, that's fondly referred to as God’s own country became destroyed to its lows due to the Act of God. Lots of human beings had been displaced, homes and homes had been destroyed, billions of money turned into misplaced and the splendour of Kerala become ruined which result in the halt within the tourism enterprise.

It was the worst of time for floods to hit Kerala as 2018 turned into the year for the well-known Neelakurinji flower to bloom which happens once in 12 years. The loss couldn’t be grievous for the country because it becomes a difficult blow not only to the economy of the state but of the country as well.

However, such are the instances when the unity of the country and true humanity is pondered. All of us came forward to help Kerala with everything possible we could, contributing what we every may want to make in bits and portions. The consequences have been proven in no time as Kerala turned into put again to live and is getting better fast. Even though it's going to take time for the people and for the state to recover absolutely from this kind of big loss human beings have shown incredible humanity and strength to convey returned Kerala to its senses and pump back life and tourism in the state.

But for now, the Fame of romance - Kerala, is open for tourists which mean the tourism enterprise of Kerala will revive again and can definitely start accepting vacationers with open arm. This is the time while Kerala needs you greater than it has ever does. In case you are planning to tour South, you may without a doubt recall Kerala and if now not absolutely you need to at least encompass Kerala on your itinerary. The tourism industry is certainly one of the most important participants to the GDP of Kerala and your tourism will not simplest give you the classy pride of the beauty of Kerala but will also make a contribution to the development of Kerala.

Kerala Is Safe Now!

What could be better than God's Own Country is welcoming its tourists with open arms? We all should plan at least a short weekend getaway to Kerala for now. With Travel Binz Kerala tour packages, start making a loud calls for Kerala with your sweetheart or family and her blissful vacations soul in the destination which is voted the best day for romance by Lonely Planet Travel Magazine. Where to go? Is our job to tell. You just read on and Mark your calendar.

1. Munnar

The maximum favourite destination by couples for romance, Munnar is famous for its lush green tea gardens hills. Even after hitting a series of the landslide, Munnar is now revived by the Kerala govt and is now open for the tourists. We assure that you should mark Munnar in your Kerala itinerary and embark on a journey with your sweetheart in a land of verdant hills.

2. Alleppey

 The very own Venice of India - Alleppey became submerged in flood water in August. But now, the water started depleting and Alleppey is healed each for local and vacationers. Alleppey has been redeveloped right away to carry people back to normal existence and to convey back the vacationer industry in pace. It's miles safe to visit Alleppey now and also you and your sweetheart can bask inside the backwaters of Alleppey collectively.

3. Marari Beach

2 hours (approx) leisurely drive from Munnar will take you to the coast of white stretched sands and palm arrays, Marari Beach which is the most scenic beaches of Kerala. What set Mararikulam village unique is your favourite Hollywood stars like Kate Moss and Paul McCartney went there on their vacation? Apart from the fact that this serene place was hit by the worst flood, it has now recovered from the disaster and is totally safe to satiate your beach cravings. The place is very famous for its luxurious accommodations. You can smartly skip the hassle of planning your accommodations over there by picking our affordable Kerala tour packages and travel smarty on your trip to Kerala.

So have we tempted you enough to visit Kerala again? Tell us in the comments section below.



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