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How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight can be miserable for the travelers. This kind of travelling is a mental as well as physical exercise. You have to prepare yourself before boarding the flight.

Choice of seat

This is one of the prime focuses of the traveler while travelling. Whether it’s a window or aisle you have to check in before time if you want to get the best access of the seat. You have to keep in mind that you should be comfortable about your seat.

Physical preparation

As you have to make yourself prepared to sit for longer hours, so it is advisable to the travelers to spend more time with the fitness regime. One should have proper preparation before boarding the flight.

Power back up

Before boarding the flight, you should keep in consideration that all your devices are fully charged. It is also thoughtful to bring external charging devices for backup purposes.


You should know about your own taste of music or movie. So you should carry films, music or ebooks of your own kind to get yourself out of boredom in this long haul flight. It has been surveyed that books are the better options than watching films on screen, as it is strenuous to the eyes.

Comfortable outfit

If you are mentally prepared for this long hail flight then you should wear comfortable clothes. It is also necessary to keep warm clothes on plane as the temperature fluctuates due to change in altitudes and pressure.


Mostly in the long haul flights you get proper meals and snacks too. But it is not bad to bring some homemade food or packed snacks. In this way you can easily get proper food during the hunger pangs.

Travel pillow

As it is a long flight, so you should take precautions for your own comfort zone. It is advisable to bring neck pillow for the head and neck rest during the flight. A cozy blanket is an ultimate solution for an upright sleep during such long travel.

Eye mask

If you want to travel without making any friends during the flight, then you must carry a pair of noise cancelling earphones along with an eye mask. These two items are necessary for you to take rest even if your fellow passengers are indulged in watching films.

Keep yourself hydrated

It should always be kept in mind during such long flight it is always helpful to keep own self hydrated. With proper intake of water, you won’t feel headaches or irritability. Your energy level would be under control.

Clean and hygiene

While travelling keep yourself clean. You should wash your face, brush your teeth that keeps you hygienic. If you use wet wipes, moisturizer, deodorant and mouth freshener during your



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